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1.Micro-organism (break down the dead bodies). 2.Respiration
4.Combustion (burning dead bodies).
5.Carbon dioxide produced.
6.Detritus feeders.

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Who cycle recycles air for animals and plants?

human because plants breath carbine dioxide

Do ants eat dead plants and animals?

I believe that ants do not eat dead plants or animals.

What are Organic rocks made from dead plants and animals?

Organic sedimentary rocks are made from dead plants and animals. Soil is also made up of dead plants and animals.

What is an oragnism that eats dead plants and animals?

For fact, I know that worms eat dead plants and animals.

What animals eat dead plants and animals?

vultures,halks but I'm not sure about dead plants lolz

What animals eat dead plants?

Your face eats dead plants

Who eats dead plants or animals?

Scavengers are what the animals that eat dead plants and animals are called. A vulture and starfish are some examples.

What kind of organism eats dead plants or animals?

Dead plants and animals are consumed by decomposers such as bacteria and fungi.

Do hawks eat dead plants and dead animals?

Hawks do not eat plants. They capture and eat live animals.

What effect do bacteria and fungi have on dead plants and animals?

fungi and bacteria grow on dead animals and plants they are decomposers and the plants and animal will decompose

What do dead animals and plants eat?

Dead animals and Dead Plants cannot Eat any further all thereVital Organs have seized to Function because they are Dead .

Does the substance of dead plants and animals are returned to the soil by consumers?

Does the substance of dead plants and animals returned to the soil by consumers?

Are dead and decaying plants and animals decomposers?

decomposers are what breaks down dead plants and animals and cause them to decay quickly

How do plants 'use' the bodies of dead animals and plants?

The dead plants and animals are very useful for the plants. They get many beneficial things from them which are used in the process of photosynthesis. The bacteria convert the decay of the dead plants and animals into useful stuff so that it can be used by the plants in phtosynthesis.

Why are decomposers valuable in an ecosystem?

We could not survive on this planet without de-composition. The nutrients from the process return to the soil to recondition it to allow another generation to begin the cycle again. The removal of dead plants and animals by this incredibly efficient system also recycles the space for this new generation of plants and animals to live in

What is the decaying of dead plants and animals called?

decomposition- the decomposing\decaying of plants and animals

How is fuel made?

it is made of dead animals and dead plants

Do animals or plants repair damaged structures?

no because plants can not come back to life when plants are dead they are dead

When does disasters occur?

Disaster occur when you polute the entire world and kill all the plants and the animals that recycles your waste. THINK ABOUT PEOPLE!

Which living thing in the pond system break down dead plants and animals?

The bacteria refers to the living things in the pond system that break down the dead plants and animals. The dead plants and animals are then deposited beneath the river bed.

Plants and fungi that thrive on dead tissues of plants and animals?

The Eumycota are fungi that thrive on the dead tissues of plants and animals. They get their nutrients from decomposed matter and store them as energy.

What are the animals that feed on decayed plants or animals?

Are you looking for a plant that consumes dead matter (fungi)? Or an animal? Omnivores are animals that eat animals and plants. Those that specialize in dead animals are carrion eaters

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