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Q: What remains the same when gravity changes?
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What remains the same when gravity changes Weight or mass?

Mass will basically remain the same. As a reminder, weight = mass x gravity.

What is the same regardless of gravity?

It is the "mass" of a body which always remains same, regardless of gravity.

What are phyisical changes?

Changes that occur when the composition remains the same

What force changes when a sky diver's parachute opens?

The force that changes is air resistance and the force that stay the same is gravity.

What happens to gravity as you move further south in the Southern hemisphere?

Nothing happens to gravity. It remains the same as it is everywhere else on earth.

During an energy change?

What changes and what remains the same during a physical change

Is it true that you have less mass on the moon and therefore you weigh less?

No, your mass remains exactly the same. It is gravity that changes. The moon has about 1/6 the gravity of the surface of the earth, so you weigh about 1/6 as much. For example, a person who has a mass of 60 kg weighs about 132 pounds on earth, or about 22 pounds on the moon, but the mass remains 60 kg.

As you go higher above sea level gravitational force changes or remains the same?

It stay's the same

Does mass change on other planets due to gravity?

No. Except for insignificant effects related to Special Relativity, the mass remains constant. The weight, on the other hand, changes. Weight is calcualted as: weight = mass x gravity Where "gravity" is the acceleration due to gravity.

Which part of the atom remains the same during physical and chemical changes?

i believe it is the nucleus.

The mass of an object changes when it has moved?

According to the classic physics, no, the mass remains the same.

What is the matter that changes in shape size or type but remains the same substance?