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The answer depends on the variables in the graph! In a graph of age against mass there is nothing that represents acceleration.

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What represents the speed versus time graph of acceleration?

Any graph that isn't a straight horizontal line is a graph of speed with acceleration.

How would a graph of negative and positive acceleration differ?

This depends on what the graph represents. If it is a graph of velocity on the vertical and time on the horizontal, then if acceleration is at a constant rate, the graph will be a straight line with positive slope (pointing 'up'). If acceleration stops, then the graph will be a horizontal line (zero acceleration or deceleration). If it is deceleration (negative acceleration), then the graph will have negative slope (pointing down).

What does the slope of a speed-time graph represent?

The slope of a velocity-time graph represents acceleration.

What part of the graph represents uniform positive and negative acceleration Calculate this acceleration.?

The answer depends on whether the graph is that of speed v time or distance v time.

The slope of velocity versus time graph gives?

If your graph shows velocity on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis, then the slope of the graph represents the acceleration. More specifically, the slope of the graph at a specific point represents the acceleration at that instantaneous point in time. So if the slope of the graph doesn't change (i.e. the graph is a straight line), then the acceleration is constant and doesn't change over time. In calculus, this is represented as the derivative: The derivative of velocity with respect to time equals the acceleration.

What is the slope of constant velocity?

The Slope (which represents acceleration) of a constant velocity graph is Zero.

What type of acceleration does a trapezium on a velocity time graph represents?

A period of constant positive acceleration;a second period of zero acceleration; a third period of constant negative acceleration.

What is the slope of the velocity vs time graph?

The slope represents the rate of change of velocity, which is the magnitude of the acceleration. If the velocity vs time graph is a straight line, that means the magnitude of velocity is constant, and the magnitude of acceleration is zero. The graph conveys no information regarding the direction of velocity or acceleration.

What does slope of velocity time graph represents?

Magnitude of acceleration (but conveys no informationregarding acceleration's direction).

What does a line slanting up from left to right represent on a acceleration time graph?

A straight line with a gradient > 0 represents a constant rate of acceleration.

What quantity is represented by the slope in a velocity-versus-time graph?

The slope of a velocity-versus-time graph represents the acceleration of the object.

What does the slope of a speed vs position graph represent?

The slope of a speed vs position graph represents the rate at which the velocity is changing ( increasing or decreasing). This is the acceleration.

What is the nature of distance time graph for the motion of an object moving with a changing speed?

An incline represents acceleration, a straight line represents a constant speed and a decline represents slowing down.

What quantity does the slope of a velocity-time graph represent?

The slope of velocity with respect to time represents acceleration.

What does a negative slope on a speed vs time graph represent?

A negative slope represents deceleration, or negative acceleration.

What does the area under a position vs time squared graph represents?

Nothing in particular. It certainly does not represent acceleration.

How do you find acceleration of a speed time graph?

Acceleration=change in y graph/change in x graph

What quantity does the slope of a distance vs time squared graph represent?

Since distance is 1/2 at^2 where a is acceleration, it represents one half of the acceleration

In an acceleration graph showing speed versus time a straight line shows the acceleration is?

A graph that shows speed versus time is not an acceleration graph.The slope of the graph at any point is the acceleration at that time.A straight line shows that the acceleration is constant.

What does acceleration look like as a graph?

The answer depends on what is plotted on the graph and what is happening with the acceleration then.

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