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What represents eight times the difference of a number and three is sixty-four?


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None of the "following" does.

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twice the difference of three times a number and eight

The Roman numeral which represents the number 8 is VIII

"the difference between a number and eight is twenty-two

One number is eight more than twice another if their difference is 25. The larger number is 42

If the number is x, then abs(8-x) or |8-x|

n - 8 is the expression for the difference of eight and a number.'Number' is a variable, so the variable must be a letter (in this case, 'n'). 'The difference' is going to be the subtraction symbol that is in between the 'number' and eight, so it must be n - 8. It could, of course, be 8 - n.

The 8 is it the ten thousandths place, therefore the eight represents 80,000

If you refer to the periodic table, go to symbol "O" which represents Oxygen. The number on the top represents how many protons it has in its stable state. In the case of Oxygen it will be eight. Now when an atom is in stable state, number of protons will equal number of electrons. So Oxygen atom has eight electrons.

The 8 in 3.811 is the tenths digit, and it represents 0.8 or 8/10 or eight tenths.

The difference between seventeen and thirty is thirteen. Thirteen multiplied by eight is one hundred four. The answer is one hundred four (104).

There are eight electrons in the neutral form of the atom with the atomic number eight (oxygen or O). --- Answer 2: 8. The atomic number represents the number of protons (positive charge) in an atom. For the atom to have a neutral charge, there must be 8 negative charges in the shells around the nucleus of the atom.

The number 8 is a special number in Buddhism. It is the special number because the major symbol (the wheel) has 8 strokes. It also represents the eight folded path and also called the middle path.

If you mean the string of digits, they are two, three, eight, four, two. If it represents one number, it is twenty-three thousand, eight hundred forty-two.

What month is number eight

If this represents a number written in the common base of 10, then "1012000" means "one million 12 thousand". If it represents a number written in the base of 3, then "1012000" means "eight hundred sixty-four". It it represents a number written in the base of 8, then "1012000" means "two hundred sixty-seven thousand two hundred sixty-four". It could represent a number written in any base, except 2 (binary).

==new answer== A degree of understanding of value in the physical. The most valuable thing we have in the physical of course is our experiences from which we learn. Eight represents value in the physical and zero represents power which is understanding. The number 800 carries the energies of the number eight only.The number eight possesses the following energetic vibrations. .EIGHT: Material possessions, abundance, authority, leadership, cosmic awareness, self-motivated, prosperity, and infinity.

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