What resources do coal fired power stations use?

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The most significant resource that a coal fired power station uses is of course coal. Coal is a non renewable natural resource and mining of coal has significant negative effects. In many cases coal is mined in sensitive grassland and wetland habitats - causing significant water pollution. Power stations also rely on large amounts of freshwater in the cooling towers as part of the power production process.

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Q: What resources do coal fired power stations use?
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Which resources do coal power stations use?

Coal power stations use many different resources as a steam kettle, electrity and turbines.

What power stations produce CO2?

Coal fired power plants,Petroleum power plants,

Advantages of gas fired power stations?

they are cleaner and use less fossil fuels that coal fires power stations.

What kind of steam engines are used in power stations?

Coal fired steam driven power stations are still in use

Is a Coal Fired Power Stations renewable or non-renewable?

Coal is a non-renewable fossil fuel. When it is burnt, you have to find more for tomorrow.

Where are coal fired power stations located?

Most countries have coal fired power generation plants. some very big ones are in Poland, Germany, the USA, China.

Why do major coal fired stations tend to be in clusters?

Because the get their coal by rail.

Why are power stations situated far from consumers?

Power Stations are usually near places where resources are close by. For example, some power stations are built relatively close to coal mines for ease of transport.

Which fossil fuel is not used in Singapore's power stations?

It is coal. Singapore's power stations are not based on coal fossil fuel.Singapore has no indigenous energy resources, and is dependent on energy imports to support her overall energy needs.

How efficient are thermal power stations?

Coal fired plants about 40 percent, nuclear reactors (PWR) about 33 percent

Where does sulphur dioxide come from?

It is synthesized from sulphur and oxygen. It can also be found in the atmosphere near coal fired power stations.

How many types of power stations are there?

Hydroelectric, Coal fired , Nuclear, Wind power, Diesel electric, Solar, Gasoline engine, Ocean currents

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