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Q: What results in mixing ammonia and brine?
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Can mixing Bleach and Ammonia kill you?


What is the result of mixing called?

A mixture, homogeneous (ex.: brine) or heterogeneous (ex.: bitumen).

How many people die each year from mixing bleach and ammonia?

There are no statistics on how many people die each year from mixing bleach and ammonia. The number is relatively small, however.

Mixing chlorine and ammonia?

Main end product is chloroamine. It is a toxic vapour

What is the result of mixing chlorine and ammonia?

Chloroamine is produced by that. It is a very toxic vapour

What results from mixing copper with tin?


Does dish soap contain ammonia?

Some do, you really have to check the bottle. I don't recommend mixing dish soap and bleach

What color results from mixing purple and yellow?


When mixed will ammonia and bleach explode?

Mixing bleach and ammonia is extremely dangerous, since toxic vapors will be produced. Chloramine vapor, with a potential for hydrazine formation is very toxic

Turbidity current density results from water mixing with what substance?

Turbidity refers to the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid. Turbidity current density results from water mixing with sediment particles.

The process of nitrification results when chemoautotrophic bacteria oxidize ammonia into?


Can you mix ammonia with Lysol?

EDIT BELOW Answer: Lysol Concentrate and Lysol IC do NOT contain bleach. MSDS sheets say never mix Bleach and Lysol Concentrate or Lysol IC! Products with bleach that are labeled "Lysol brand" do not contain Lysol per se., they are another composition with the bleach. Due to lysol's bleach base (WRONG, see above), mixing it with ammonia results in a toxic substance that is lethal upon inhalation. I would advise against mixing the two.