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There are many retailers that sell such gloves. You can find them at most retailers such as office depot, and Walmart. You can even find them at your local grocery store.

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Q: What retailers sell disposable gloves for a decent price?
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The Varied Uses of Disposable Latex Gloves?

Most people are acquainted with disposable latex gloves as “surgical” gloves – the kind used by doctors and dentists while examining patients, and as the name implies, while performing surgeries. There are, however, many more uses for disposable latex gloves, and they are very common in many industries and professions. Another industry that commonly uses disposable gloves is food service, especially on the production end. In this case, the gloves are used to keep the food clean, as well as to assure customers of this fact. When someone sees a worker don a new set of gloves to prepare the food, they know that their food won’t be contaminated by whatever may be on the worker’s hands. Sometimes, disposable latex gloves are used not to prevent contamination of what’s being handled, but the dirtying or other contamination of the wearer’s hands. Beauticians are some people who commonly use the gloves for this purpose. When dying hair, for example, the beautician doesn’t want to dye her hands along with it. She also doesn’t want to expose her hands to harsh chemicals all day as she treats the hair of one client after another. Disposable latex gloves prevent the unwanted exposure. Needless to say, with the variety of uses they have, there are many types of disposable latex gloves. There are super-thin ones that allow the hands to feel things nearly as well as being barehanded, and thick ones to resist chemicals. Some factories use varieties that are made to provide a better grip than is obtainable without gloves. There are also versions with or without powder inside. Powdering the insides makes them easier to take on and off. Sometimes, however, powder would be a contaminant to whatever is being worked with, and in those cases the non-powdered kind are used. Disposable latex gloves are not only very versatile; they are often inexpensive as well. Typically sold in big packs, each pair usually only costs a few cents. Pick some up and you’ll be amazed at all the uses you can find for them.

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