What rhymes with large?

Charge, barge, enlarge, sarge (short for sergeant).

1 syllable:

barge, charge, farge, marge, marje, sarge

2 syllables:

depth charge, discharge, enlarge, fixed charge, in charge, lafarge, mischarge, recharge, surcharge, take charge

3 syllables:

brush discharge, bursting charge, cover charge, free of charge, handling charge, murder charge, service charge, supercharge, take in charge, telecharge

4 syllables:

admission charge, carrying charge, electric charge, explosive charge, negative charge, positive charge

5 syllables:

corona discharge, electric discharge, installation charge

6 syllables:

conservation of charge, depreciation charge, electrical discharge

7 syllables:

dishonorable discharge

barge, charge, and Marge off the top of my head.