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smack rhymes with black

kite rhymes with white

dont know what rhymes with orange

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Q: What rhymes with orange black and white?
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What colors are tigers - orange and black or black and orange?

Tigers are orange-furred with lighter (white) areas and black stripes. Albinos (white tigers) are white with black stripes.

What are the Colors for recorder karate?

red white green blue black orange red white green blue black orange red white green blue black orange red white green blue black orange

Are tigers black with orange stripes or orange with black stripes?

Most tigers are orange with black stripes and lighter or white areas, especially on the undersides. Albinos (white tigers) are white furred with black stripes.

Can a tiger have orange and white strips? can only have white and black strikers or orange and black stripes

What rhymes with black and white?

black could be hack and white could be kite

What are the colors of a tiger?

Orange Black White Black

What color is an ammonite?

it is half orange and it can be orange black and white.

How do tigers looks?

Most Tigers have orange and black stripes unless they are white and black. Most Tigers have orange and black stripes unless they are white and black.

What are all the colors of a tiger?

orange and black, White and black for white tigers

What color is an owl's beak?

can be black, orange or white!

What rhymes with orange or purple?

Nothing rhymes with orange or purple!

What color is a calico cats father?

Usually it will be black or orange, or black or orange with white. It will almost never be calico or a mixture of black and orange.

What duck is black with orange and white beek?

A duckie is orange and yellow with black and whaite stripes on it

What is black white orange and yellow?

My cat

What animal is black white and orange?


Why are tigers black and orange and white?

Yes they are.

What Spider has red or orange legs?

If you in Northern Wisconsin it could be a typical Orange Garden spider. Orange legs with orange - white - brown - white - black tips. Orange head and thorax with a colorful Orange black, white and yellow in a pattern like a wasp on the abdomen.

What are the names of the cats that are orange and white?

Cats that are orange, white, and black/brown spotted are called Calico cats. Cats that are brown/black and orange are called Tortoiseshell cats. Cats that are orange and white spotted do not have a name. Cats that are orange and white striped are called Tiger cats.

What type of butterfly has black wings with orange stripes and white dots?

One butterfly with the colorful black, orange, and white pattern is the Red Admiral. This butterfly has red-orange stripes and white spots on dark brown-black wings.

What are some of the colors of cats?

smoky gray orange and white orange striped golden and white gray with black stripes gray and white white calico golden .....and maybe a few more brown black black and white brown and white

When was Rhymes with Orange created?

Rhymes with Orange was created in 1995.

Is Halloween black and white?

The usual Halloween colors are orange and black.

Colors of tigers?

i think tigers can be white and black and orange and black.

What coulers can tigers be?

White with black stripes or orange with black stripes.

What color are Gila monster?

Orange, black and if albino then black and white.