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What rhymes with pranks?

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banks, cranks, hanks, thanks, tanks

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What rhymes with ranks?

banks, tanks, flanks, pranks, cranks,

What rhymes with tanks?

Banks, Planks,Flanks, Cranks, Pranks, Thanks...

What rhymes with shanks?

Banks, manx (a type of cat), pranks, spanks, tanks, Jizz.

How do you make sentence using pranks?

She Always Pranks me

What rhymes with banks?

tanks, planks, flanks, cranks, franks, ranks, blanks, shanks, hanks, and prankswhat rhymes with banks is a very good qwestiion in my mind i think that lots of things do such as pif and flys!flanksanksbanks

What is the duration of Pink Pranks?

The duration of Pink Pranks is 360.0 seconds.

When was Pink Pranks created?

Pink Pranks was created on 1971-08-28.

What are some good pranks for girl scout camp?

You should not do pranks in camp you will get kicked out.

Is pranks that scared people illegal?

It depends on what the prank is. Some scary pranks can be illegal.

What is the duration of Bosko's Parlor Pranks?

The duration of Bosko's Parlor Pranks is 420.0 seconds.

Was Michael Jackson the king of pranks?

I don't think there is such a thing as the king of pranks. But if there were, Michael would probley be in the running!☺♥☺ He loved to play pranks

Why were pranks made?

Pranks were made for humor and laughter, or they were made to get someone mad as a form of retribution.

How do you be the master of pranks?

Read the 'Pranks for Dummies' book.

When was Peculiar Patients' Pranks created?

Peculiar Patients' Pranks was created on 1915-12-22.

What is the best website for downloading computer pranks?

.computer pranks/prankpatrol I did the letters like that but it's not its normal There

What is the best prank on YouTube?

There are many great and hilarious pranks posted on YouTube's website. The YouTube channel "Best Pranks" features the best pranks. Some of their video's have reached millions of views.

How do you get pranks for your messenger?

you dont

Why does a prankster do pranks?

to laugh

What pranks can be done with Vaseline?

You could do the telephone prank,the door knob prank and many more pranks with Vaseline.

What actors and actresses appeared in Pranks - 2012?

The cast of Pranks - 2012 includes: Jenny Seagrove as Joyce

Who is the guy who does ownage pranks?

The guy who does the ownage pranks is anonymous since he has never made himself known to the public.

Who invented pranks?

Undoubtedly pranks are older than recorded history so it is impossible to attribute it to one person.

Where can you find the best pranks?

The best pranks are found in various online forums dedicated to pranking people for fun. Other places to find the best pranks include Youtube and other file sharing websites.

Where can someone find a list of pranks to play on their doorman?

One can find a list of pranks to play on their doorman on the Dumb Day website. One can also find more pranks to play on their doorman by asking friends.

Does pulling pranks relieve stress?

for me, pulling pranks is a way to get back at the people who caused the stress. teachers, school bully.

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