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What rhymes with presents?


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May 22, 2014 7:15PM

absence absents agents ailments ancients bailments basements blunts brilliance bunts casements claimants clients confronts constants coolants crescents currants currents dachshunds docents easements enfants entrants figments flagrance fondants fragments frequents gallants garments giants grunts guidance halfpence hunts hydrants infants instants judgments lodgements lodgments manhunts merchants migrants moments mordants movements mutants nuisance oddments ointments once ordnance pageants parchments parents parlance patents patience patients pavements payments peasants pedants penance penchants pendants pennants pheasants pigments pittance placements potence preachments presence presents punts quadrants quittance quotients reagents regents remnants reverence riddance rodents runts salience science sealants semblance sentence sergeants serjeants serpents sextants shipments shunts silence sixpence solvents spearmints statements storefronts students stunts substance talents tangents tenants thousandths torrents transience transients treatments truants tyrants vagrance vagrants valance valiance varmints vengeance vestments voidance warrants

Presents rhymes with relents immense incence
peasants and pheasants
Contents, events, segments, prevents, supplements....
Since I cannot tell what you mean by "pressints," I will suggest the following:

presents (as in gifts)

presents (as in giving something to someone, or showing them something)

presence (as in being in a location)

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