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leopard weathered record anchored angered

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What rhymes with leopard?

Shepard. Shepherd

What rhymes with sheperd?

leopard shepard shepherd

What rhymes with Shepard?

Some wordsa nd phrases that rhyme with Shepard: 2 syllables: eppard, leopard, peppered 3 syllables: good shepherd, snow leopard 4 syllables: belgian shepherd, German shepherd

Who was Mary who had a little lamb?

It seems to me that she was a shepherd. That's my best guess. That is, according to the Nursery Rhymes video I have. I'm not sure if Kindergarteners even get those any more. It never actually never mentions who or what she was, but according to the video, she looked like a shepherd.

Whats the differnce beteen an American Shepherd and German Shepherd?

The difference between an American Shepherd and the German Shepherd is that the American Shepherd is generally softer,heavier and larger than the German Shepherd.

Is the White German shepherd still a German shepherd?

No. It is a swiss shepherd

What is a sentence with the word ''shepherd''?

Great success will follow when you shepherd your resources. Where did the new shepherd go? Old English Sheepdogs make for a great companion to the shepherd on watch. At the end of break the teachers shepherd the children into the classroom. When he was asked why he had chosen to be a shepherd he replied that he had always wanted to be outstanding in his field.

What two dogs make German shepherd?

A male German Shepherd and a female German Shepherd make a German Shepherd

What is a male shepherd called?

A male shepherd is a shepherd - A female can be refereed to as a Shepardess

What is your shepherd in Hebrew?

Your shepherd (talking to a male about a male shepherd) = ro'eh shelkha (רועה שלך) Your shepherd (talking to a male about a female shepherd) = ro'ah shelkha (רועה שלך) Your shepherd (talking to a female about a male shepherd) = ro'eh shelakh (רועה שלך) Your shepherd (talking to a female about a female shepherd) = ro'ah shelakh (רועה שלך)

What is the Greek word for shepherd?


Who is prettier the shepherd or the pit?

the shepherd

Is shepherd a Jewish surname?

No, the surname Shepherd, from the English word shepherd, is of English origin.

Where is the Shepherd Public Library in Shepherd located?

The address of the Shepherd Public Library is: 30 N Liberty St, Shepherd, 77371 2460

What is the German word for shepherd?

shepherd = Schäfer

What was the Pyrenean Shepherd first bred for?

as shepherd

Who is the good shepherd?

Joseph is the good shepherd, and the example of the true Good Shepherd to come, Jesus.

What is the birth name of Shepherd Mead?

Shepherd Mead's birth name is Mead, Edward Shepherd.

What do you call a man who protects sheep?

A person who protects sheep is called a shepherd.

What has the author Obadiah Shepherd written?

Obadiah Shepherd has written: 'A letter from Obadiah Shepherd to Doctor. Zealwag. ..'

What is the birth name of Norma Shepherd Herrmann?

Norma Shepherd Herrmann's birth name is Norma Shepherd.

What is the motto of Good Shepherd Lutheran College?

Good Shepherd Lutheran College's motto is 'The Good Shepherd'.

How tall is sherri shepherd?

Sherri Shepherd is 5'1

What is faster German shepherd or lab?

German shepherd

Who isThe Gentle Shepherd?

Jesus is the gentle shepherd.