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The word you seek is beam.

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Q: What rhymes with team and is a piece of timber or steel used for building?
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A piece of timber or steel used for building and rhymes with team?


What is a piece of timber or steel used for building that rhymes with team?


What material using in building bridge?

depends on the bridge. They may be built of timber, stone, steel, or concrete.

Why timber framing is preferred over steel framing?

Timber framing is preferred because it provides a renewable building material that takes in carbon from the atmosphere while growing and stores it for the life of the building. A lot of people prefer steel framing because it is durable, stable and termite-proof.

What building material starts with the letter j?

door JambJoistJack studJoists are a building material. They are timber or steel beams arranged in a parallel series to support the floor or ceiling structure of a building.

What do you call long piece of wood?

It is Steel( it was in my homework)

Where can one find steel building kits?

One can find steel building kits by going directly to a specialist Steel Building Kit manufacturer (for example Versatube, Easy Halls or Omega Steel Building). Some manufacturers retail their steel building kits through ebay which has Steel Building listings within their Modular and Pre fab section.

Are Timber Rattler outlaw bowie knife made from 440C Stainless Steel?

They are made from surgical steel, and surgical steel is made of 440C stainless steel.

Where online can I find good deals on steel used for buildings?

You can find good deals for building steel on eBay or on the Used Steel Building website. You can also find deals at Armstrong Steel Texas and Magnum Steel Building.

Would a North Pole attract a piece of steel?

Doubt it because the piece of steel is not magnetized.

Where can one find a steel building kit?

Steel building kits can be purchased from construction supplier companies. These kits are used to construct buildings and building frames out of steel.

Where can you buy steel buildings for private label steel building companies?

You can buy steel buildings on this site steel warehouse buildings they have quality materials used in building a reliable steel building. I recommend them because I have done business with them and they are great!