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Louis Riel fought for the Metis rights

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Louis Riel didnt fight metis people, he was a metis, he was

fighting FOR the metis

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Q: What rights did Louis riel fight for?
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How did Louis riel fight metis?

Louis Riel didnt fight metis people, he was a metis, he was fighting FOR the metis

How did Louis Riel fight the government?

Louis Riel don't rape women , and don't even pillaged houses . He fight against the government because of his people , the Metis , (half European and first nations) He fight because of the equal rights and freedom for the metis. I hope it helped Jian.

Did Louis riel have any accomplishements?

He led all the metis to protest against the government to get there own rights Louis riel is a important Canadian hero.

How did Louis riel become involved in human rights?

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Why was Louis Riel a Rebel?

Louis Riel was a rebel, because he fought for the metis' rights, which meant going against The canadian governement. The government wasn't happy about this, so they called him to court. Riel was declared guilty, and was hung.

How did Louis Riel make history during the MacDonald era?

defending the rights of the Metis

How did Louis riel defend the metis?

he made the Metis bill of rights with his provisional governmnet

Was Louis reil a good person?

it depends on your perspective. if you're on the English side, then Louis riel was a pest. if you're on the french side, then Louis riel was a great hero who defended their rights.

Who is Louis riel's dad?

Louis Riel's father. a well-respected leader in the Métis community, was also named Louis Riel.

Did Louis Riel write the list of rights?

Yes, he and his provisional government in 1870, January I believe

Why did Louis Riel come to Alberta?

Louis Riel did not "come to Alberta."

What province did Louis Riel form?

why did Louis Riel form Manitoba