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He risks kis village. If he dies, then his whole village will be taken over.

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Q: What risk does Odysseus take regarding himself?
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What lesson might Odysseus take away from his experience?

Odyesseus will learn teamwork, problem sloving, and risk taking.

What is antinous's downfall?

Antinous is shot with an arrow(the one he, himself picked to take a stab at Penelope's contest for her hand in marriage) by Odysseus.

How many men did Odysseus take into Polyphemus' cave?

Odysseus took 12 of his strongest men into Polyphemus' cave.

Why does Odysseus hide his identity from his wife Penelope?

Odysseus wishes to test Penelope's faithfulness. Furthermore, by remaining hidden from Penelope, he can take care of his business with the suitors, and reveal himself when he is ready. Odysseus wishes to come back to Penelope a man, having dealt with all the problems in their house first.

What does poseidon want to take revenge upon Odysseus?

Odysseus blinded his son

Which event did Athena play a part in?

Directing the wind that take odysseus to phaecia

Who takes Odysseus home to Ithaca?

The Phaecians take Odysseus to Ithaca by their blessed ship from Scheria.

Why does Odysseus pretend to be a beggar when he returns to Ithaca?

Odysseus pretends to be a beggar to test the loyalty of his wife, Penelope, and to observe who among his subjects remains faithful to him despite his absence. By disguising himself, he can gather information and devise a plan to rid his home of the suitors who seek to marry Penelope and take over his kingdom.

Who does Polyphemus call to for vengeance when Odysseus ecapes?

Polyphemus asked his father Poseidon to take justice on Odysseus.

What was the problem at odysseus' palace?

suitors tried to come and take Odysseus wife Penelope, his palace and land.

Who eats most of Odysseus' men?

The Laestrygonians spear most of Odysseus' men and take them home to eat.

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