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Fennec foxes eat rodents such as mice.

they mostly eat chicken and small rodents.:)

Foxes can eat larvae, but only if they are starving. They will usually go for larger rodents and mammals.

arctic foxes do not eat moose. they are much too large for the foxes to digest themselves. instead, they eat rodents,fish,lemmings and leftovers of larger predators

rats or small rodents or birds

Foxes kill and eat small rodents such as mice and or rats. They will also eat rabbit if they have to. Foxes will also eat berries making them omnivores. Foxes are mostly scavengers. Note: Foxes will also eat birds and their eggs.

most likely no because foxes normally eat rodents but there is a chance that it would.

leopards eat beetles,reptiles,monkeys,birds,rodents,amphibians,and foxes or wolves.

Yes, rats and other rodents make up a good portion of their diet.

Foxes are omnivores. The diet of foxes is largely made up of invertebrates. However, it also includes rodents, rabbits and other.

Yes, they eat birds, rodents, rabbits, even bird's eggs, insects.

They eat a lot of small rodents, which otherwise would become a nuisance.

Foxes eat rodents, mostly the small kind. For example rats, mice, lemmings, hares, squirrels, voles etc.

Fox will eat diffrent kinds of rodents such as mouse, or a parie dog. Coyotes will pretty much it meat.

Black foxes eat a varied diet of worms, small rodents and berries. They eat a variety of things found in the wild.

Foxes will eat birds, rabbits, small rodents, thus are a predator. However foxes are eaten by people, larger birds, carnivore's, thus they are prey. Answer is "both"

No, eagles do not eat woodpeckers. They usually have a diet that consists of foxes, squirrels, pheasants, tortoises, and other small rodents.

Mostly small animal such as rodents ( mice, rats, etc.). If they have to they will also kill and eat rabbit and squirrel.

The diet of foxes comprise of rodents, insects, worms, fruit, birds, eggs and all other kinds of small animals and some scavenge food

The Fennec, which is a fox that lives in arid habitats, preys on rodents, insects, lizards, birds, eggs, and they also eat fruit.The Red fox preys on carrion, rodents, rabbits, birds, invertebrates, and they eat fruits like the Fennec.the Bat-eared fox's diet consists mainly of insects (80%) like termites, dung beetles, and sometimes they eat birds.And arctic foxes mostly just eat lemmings and carcasses that polar bears have left behind.Just remember that red foxes are very opportunistic feeders and will eat practically anything if it means surviving.well it is mostly small animals and rodents such as rabbits,mice,and praire dogsRabbits , rodents , insects ,Foxes can eat lots of little animals. Their main targets are rabbits and squirrels.Normally small rodents, mice, rabbits, ground nesting birds, etc., and chickens.

it catch the food and eat very simple answerNearly all foxes catch their food. They eat small rodents like, mice, rats or rabbits.I hope this helps.Nearly all foxes catch their food. They eat small rodents like, mice, rats or rabbits.I hope this killing it

they usually eat rodents such as mice they usually eat rodents such as mice they usually eat rodents such as mice Maybe dolophins eat rodents but dolphins eat fish

Food sources of the fennec (desert) fox include plants, rodents, insects, birds, eggs, and rabbits.

Foxes eat small rodents, like mice and rats, and rabbits. They also eat bird eggs and berries, so that makes them omnivores.

what do small rodents eat