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Union leader

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Q: What role did Jonathan Edwards play in the great awakening?
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What role did Jonathan Edwards play in great Awakening?

Union leader

What role did Jonathan Edwards and george whitefield play during the great awakening?

Both were prominent preachers at the time of the Great Awakening. Edward's congregation had had a spiritual awakening in the mid 1730's but the Great Awakening really began when the great British Evangelist George Whitefield arrived in Georgia in 1738.

What were the women were expected to do before the great awakening?

Play a supporting role to their families.

What was the expected role for women before the second great awakening?

Play supporting roles in society (NovaNet)

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did bernard Edwards play bass on "i touch my self" song

What were women expected to do before the Second Great Awakening?

Women were expected to influence their husbands and children to be good americans.

Can kids play on Awakening statue in DC?

OFC no.

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