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The Free Soil Party split the vote of the Democratic Party, resulting in Zachary Taylor winning the election of 1848. The Free Soil Party was in existence from 1848 to 1854.

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In the election of 1848, the Democrats chose a platform that remained silent on slavery, and nominee Lewis Cass was pro-slavery, so many anti-slavery Democrats walked out of the Baltimore convention to begin the Free Soil party.

it united antislavery politicians and ran candidates in federal elections.Apex-type question, rephrased

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Zachary Taylor, who was a military leader during the Mexican-American War, was elected as president due to his victories in the field.

The Whigs had to temper their opinions on the Mexican-American War since their candidate, Zachary Taylor, was a war hero. They took on the issue of slavery instead and turned it into the hot button topic of the election.

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For the first time, a third party was not organized as a single-issue party. The Free Soil Party had four principle planks in its platform: (1) the prohibition of the extension of slavery into the free territories; (2) the free distribution of land to actual settlers; (3) internal improvements at federal expense; (4) a protective tariff However, the Free Soil Party was a sectional northern party, not on the ballot in the southern states. The Free Soil ticket was impressive: former president Martin Van Buran and Charles Francis Adams, the son and grandson of the two former president Adams. They garnished ten percent of the popular vote, the best showing by a third party. Enough Democrats, especially in New York, deserted Lewis Cass, the Democratic nominee, to give the election to the Whig candidate, Zachary Taylor. Aside from this fact, the party was unconstitutional, because Congress did not have the right to exclude slavery from the territories.

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