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The fringes are the strangers... what their community is fighting against. The symbol of the divergent or mutant. The poor and the handicapped and the scary people that everyone runs from. They play the role of the other in the beginning, and then as the telepathics start to think of themselves as the other, they start being the savages... the people who are different in a bad way rather than a good way. The poor and hopeless.

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The Fringes in "The Chrysalids" represent the outcasts and mutants who do not meet the strict genetic purity standards of the Waknuk society. People who are banished to the Fringes live in poverty and are marginalized due to their physical differences. The Fringes act as a stark reminder of the consequences of the society's obsession with genetic purity.

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Q: What role do the Fringes play in the story Chrysalids?
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