Water Cycle

What role does land have on the water cycle?


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Land plays an important role. Water cycle begins from land.

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Water is regulated between land, water body and air. Land forms one of the component of water cycle.

Oceans have important role. It is a part of water cycle.

Man has no role in the water cycle. Neither can the duplicate it.

The vegetation's role in the water cycle is cooling the heat of the rain

Water cycle makes water an renewable rescource. Cloud rain down the evaporated water onto another piece of land far away.

The water cycle plays an important role in the environment. This cycle recycles the water in the system for the plants and animals.

Rivers play an important role. Water cycle begins and ends at rivers.

leaves actually dont have a part of the water cycle=)

Human plays an integral role. He may positively or negatively affect water cycle.

They don't. They are products of the water cycle, but to not play an active role in it.

water is evaporated from the Oceans by the Sun, which 'starts' the cycle.

The precipitation plays a big role in a water shed

The water cycle renews the supply of fresh water on land.

The movement of water among the oceans, atmosphere, land and living things is known as the 'water cycle' or 'hydrologic cycle'.

Land has to do with the water cycle in these ways. * water in rivers and lakes come from the sky(clouds;rain) * when the water evaporates it has to evaporate fom the ground* if there wasnt land, what would hold t he water?

by taking part in the water cycle and watering the earths climate!

Solar energy results in the evaporation of water. It plays a major role in water cycle.

The two processes that cycle water from land to the atmosphere are:1. Evaporation2. Condensation

On land, much of the precipitation runs along the surface of the ground until it enters a river or stream that carries the runoff back to an ocean or lake.

The water cycle. The water cycle, or hydrologic cycle, describes the constant movement of water from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back. In the water cycle, water on land evaporates, as it reaches the atmosphere it condenses, after condensation the water precipitates back down onto the land.

This is the transformation of liquid water in gaseous water.

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