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All the energy on earth comes from the


, including

wind energy

. The sun warms the tropics more than the polar regions, so air rises in the tropics and sinks near the poles. This causes a constant current of air in a loop, from the poles towards the equator close to the ground and the other direction higher up. :) hope this helps!

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Q: What role does the suns energy has in creating wind?
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What is the connection between the suns energy and the wind?

Describe the connection between the sun's energy and the wind.

Energy experts have harnessed geothermal energy by?

creating of wind generators.

Why is wind power a renewable energy source?

Wind power is described as a renewable energy source because winds are produced by the suns thermal energy and this is never going to fail or need other sources of energy.

Why is wind an energy source?

Wind is considered to be an energy source because it moving and creating impact on the things around it. Wind can affects water sources for example.

Where does the wind get its energy from?

The Sun. A fraction of the suns energy heats the air. Warm air rises higher into the atmosphere and cooler, more dense, air moves in to replace it causing the wind.

How do windmills benefit us?

They capture the energy of wind so it can be transferred and used instead of creating energy.

Is a windmill electrical to thermal or electrical to mechanical or chemical to thermal?

Assuming that you're talking about a wind-powered electrical generator (such as a "wind farm"), the energy conversion is from mechanical to electrical. When the wind blows on the blades of the mill it rotates them, creating mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is used to power the electrical generator inside the mill, creating electrical energy out of mechanical energy.

How does a radiant energy becomes mechanical energy?

A simple example is solar energy. The only energy received by the earth from the sun is radiant energy. This heats the air on the earth creating convection currents, or wind. This wind is a mechanical energy.

How do windmills produce electricity?

The wind turns the turbine, that then turns a generator, creating energy!

Are wind turbines profitable?

Yes they are creating energy that you get for free the only cost to you is the turbine itself.

How do wind turbines harness the suns energy?

It happens because the Sun heats the ground in the daytime and that heats the air above, which causes winds to flow and drive the blades of the wind turbines.

How is wind energy source obtained?

There is a machine, this machine reacts to wind. Like a fan, it moves when wind passes throught it. When its moving its creating a friction inside of the machine and the friction is harnest into a energy source used by humans.