What roms does iboy play?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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game boy and gameboy color games

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Q: What roms does iboy play?
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How do you play a game on the action replay dsi?

well... you can only play gameboy color roms with lameboy, you can play nes roms with nesDs, sega roms with jEnesisDs or apprenticeminusDs and SNES roms with SNEmulDS

What actors and actresses appeared in iBoy - 2015?

The cast of iBoy - 2015 includes: Will Poulter as Tom Harvey

What is a project 64?

The project 64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator that lets you play Nintendo 64 games that you download from websites.

Can you name a few sites that let you play roms without downloading them?

There are a number of sites which allow you to play old Nintendo and Game Boy ROMS without having to download the ROMS or emulators on which to play them. virtualnes and virtualgbx are two such sites.

Is R4i or elegal?

If you use it to play Roms, it is.

Can you play n64 roms on Xbox 360?


Can YOu Play Nintendo Roms on a Nintendo 64?


How can you play Pokemon goldversion in PC?

You have to have a GBA Roms.

Can you play n64 roms on your computer?

Yes at

How do you play games on VisualBoy Advance?

Download ROMS

Does project64 only play Nintendo 64 roms?


Can you play Pokemon Rumble Blast on r4i3ds card?

No Flashcard can play 3DS roms!