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The M1 is currently made in a variety of calibers.

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Q: What round does a new m1 rifle take?
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M1 gas or bolt action in the Korean war?

The M1 rifle is a gas operated semiautomatic rifle with an eight round clip.

What rifle uses a 7.62mm x 31mm round?

M1 Carbine

What does Rifle M1 MKM 136 on discharge papers mean?

MKM (marksmansip) on M1 rifle.

What is the M1?

A rifle or carbine.

Is the Springfield M1903 the same as the M1 Garand?

No. The 1903 is a bolt action rifle with a 5 shot magazine. The M1 Garand is a semi-automatic rifle that uses an 8 round en bloc clip. Two very different rifles.

When was this Springfield rifle M1 3565846 made?

your M1 garand was made in 1941

What kind of a rifle fires a 7.62 round?

AK-47, Mosin-Nagant, SKS, some Dragunovs, the M14 and the M1 Garand are a few

What is the M1 sniping rifle?

M1C and M1D

What kind of rifle is in gran torino?


How long is m1?

The M1 Garand rifle is 43.5 inches long. The M1 motorway is 159.02 miles. You did not say which you are looking for-

Can a M1 rifle and M14 rifle fire the same round?

Assuming you're referring to the M1 Garand, the general answer would be no. The M1 Garand utilised the 7.62x63 cartridge (more commonly known as the .30-06), whereas the M14 fires the shorter 7.62x51 cartridge. However, some variants of the M1 rifle were manufactured for testing purposes which were chambered in 7.62x51. Additionally, the M1A rifles marketed by Springfield are chambered in 7.62x51, although M1A is simply a company designation, and not an actual military nomenclature.

What is the value of a new m1 30 caliber garand gi rifle?

100-5000 USD depending on specifics.

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