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if you have surf then anywhere with water

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Where do you find tentacool in Pokemon diamond?

Use Surf on Route 205 and you'll easily find a Tentacool.

Where to find tentacool?

In RSE you can find Tentacool on Route 103.

What Pokemon can you find in route 132 without using any rods in Pokemon ruby?

There are three Pokemon you can catch without a rod on Route 132 (by surfing): Tentacool, Pelipper and Wingull.

How do you see Pokemon 136 in the pokedex in platinum?

to see Pokemon 136 surf on Route 205 or 210 and you will find <drumroll> TENTACOOL!

Is there a trainer that has got tentacool?

I don't know where you can find a trainer with Tentacool, but you can easily find it surfing on Route 205.

Where do you find a Rapidash in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can find a Rapidash on: Route 22, Route 28, Mt. Silver

Where do you get the first involution of nine tales in Pokemon?

in Pokemon soul silver you can find it at route 36 or route 35

Where can you find a tentacool in Pokemon platinum?

you can get one in pastoria city.Use surf and there is 75% that tentacool will come.

Where can you find slugma in Pokemon Silver?

You can find it on route 16, 17 and 28

Where can you find a bellsprout in Pokemon soul silver?

Route 5,6,24,25,31,32,44 is where you find bellsprout

What route can you find Suicune or Raikou in Pokemon Silver?

They can be found on any grass route (not in the kanto)

Where can you find gloom in Pokemon Silver?

It is in Route 5 at Night time.

Where can you find a Tentacool at on Pokemon diamond?

you can find it by fishing or just surfing on the water..........

Where to find teddiursa in Pokemon Silver?

You can't catch one in Silver. You can catch one in Gold, where you can find one at Route 45, and then trade it to Silver.

Where to find leaf stone in pokemon silver?

You can get it on Route 25 from Bill's grandfather.

Where in Pokemon Silver can you find a kadabra?

Kadabras are only found on Route 8

Where can you find steelix in Pokemon soul silver?

You get it on Route 27 inside the cave

What route do you find giovanne on Pokemon soulsilver?

in route 1 but first you have to ask this question :where is route 1 in soul silver (is me how answerd it)

Where do you find teddiursa in Pokemon soul silver?

You can find it from Route 45 and Mt. Silver. For more info click link below.

Where do you find oddish in Pokemon soul silver?

Route 5, Route 6, Route 24, Route 25, Ilex Forest, and Safari Zone (Marshland).

Where do you find oddish in Pokemon Silver?

you can catch one on route 24 in the tall grass

Where Do you find a Pickachu in Pokemon Soul Silver?

The Viridian Forest and I think Route 2

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