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Coookies! All of your cookies! And milk, of course.

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santas favorite thing to eat would be cookies and milk

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Cookies and Milk cookies and milk

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chocolate chip

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Q: What santas favourite snack on Christmas Eve?
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Does santas magic only work at Christmas Eve?

Yes, Santa only does his magic on Christmas Eve. Every other day of the year he is just as normal as you.

What holiday is in winter?

Christmas and New Year's Eve

On Christmas Eve what snack is placer out for santa?

ugh...cookies and milk xD ~ Michael

Is there a number you can call to track Santas's progress on Christmas Eve?

i think there is. just type on google santa tracker. maybe something will come up.

What does santa drink and eat on Christmas Eve?

santas not real i dont think he drinks hot chocolate

Is Christmas eve a holiday?

Christmas eve is not a holiday on Christmas is a holiday so Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas you can't celebrate Christmas eve its not a holiday

Is Chuck E Cheese open on Christmas Eve?

they are not open on Christmas Eve

What is the Eve of Christmas Eve called?

Christmas Annette

What would be some good Christmas Eve recipes for a party?

With Christmas day being a huge feast day, some good Christmas Eve recipes would include finger foods and snacks. Some examples of recipes would be meatballs in sauce, cheese balls with crackers and spicy-sweet snack mix.

How do you spell Christmas Eve in spanish?

Nochebuena= Christmas eve

Can you touch the elf on shelf on Christmas eve?

Yes, you can but only on Christmas Eve no other day only on Christmas eve

What is the French word for Christmas Eve?

The phrase "la veille de Noel" is "Christmas Eve" in French. The exact translation is "the eve of Christmas." There is no singular word that means Christmas Eve.