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Any scale can be used; the absolute, rational, thermodynamic based scale is the Kelvin scale.

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Kelvin scale

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Q: What scale is used to measure very low temperatures?
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The celsius scale is used for what temperatures?

It can be used with any temperature. However the Kelvin scale (centigrade based on absolute zero) is often used for very cold temperatures, or for very hot temperatures, where it is practically the same as Celsius.

When are alcohol and mercury thermometers used?

alcohol thermometres are used to measure very low temperatures(upto -112 degree celsius) and mercury to measure very high temperatures (upto 357 degree celsius).

What are alcohol thermometers used for?

Alcohol thermometres are used to measure very low temperatures (upto -112 degree celsius).

Why is mercury not used in thermometers?

as it cant be used to measure very low temperatures as it has a high freezing point(-38 degree celsius).

Why are Different types of thermometers used to measure more extreme temperature?

For example pyrometers for very high temperatures.

What tool is used to measure the pull of gravity acting on an object?

A bathroom scale does a very nice job.

How are logarithms used in our society?

Many scales such as sound and PH are log scales. The scale used to measure earthquakes is also a log scale. Whenever the data has a very wide range, a log scale might help.

Logarithmic scales are used to measure what?

Whenever the data covers a very large range of values a log scale if very useful. Earthquakes and hearing are common examples.

How do you mesuere an ounce?

I measure very small quantities on a postal scale

What can you use to measure the mass of two objects?

This comparison is very simple: measure the mass with a balance.

What are the two scale used to measure earthquakes and what do they measure?

There are actually 3. But 2 of them are The Mercalli scale measures an earthquake's intensity which is the strength of the ground motion in a given place. It is not very accurate though. The Richter scale measures the size of seismic waves. It gives it a rating from 1 which is the lowest(can't be felt) to 9(deathly destruction) These 2 scales are very similiar.

state properties that makes thermocouple very sensitive?

it measures temperatures between -250 and 1600 degree and it can measure a wider range of temperatures