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Q: What school did Harriet go to school at?
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Did Harriet Tubman go to any kind of school?

harriet did not go to school beacuse she was a house slave and a field slave

Is Harriet gifford a school?

yes it is i go thereyes it is i go there

Where did she go to school Harriet Ziefert?

south university

Did Harriet Tubman get educated?

no she did not i am doing a biography on her and she was not allowed to go to school

What schools did Harriet Quimby go to?

First Harriet was a slave for slaves were not aloud to go and attend a school,they were not even aloud to teach them self to read or write!

Did Harriet Tubman go to school?

No, Harriet Tubman was uneducated and illiterate. The reason I know that is because Im doing a biography in school(8th grade)

Did Harriet go to to high school?

no she was homeskooled or she learned herself one or the other

Did harriet Tubman go to elementray school?

Harriet Tubman didn't get any education except maybe in her later years.Read more: Did_Harriet_Tubman_ever_go_to_school

Did Harriet Beecher Stowe go to school?

at 8 she attended farm school. When she was 13 she attended the Femal Seminary.

When was Harriet Eddy Middle School created?

Harriet Eddy Middle School was created in 1994.

Is there a school named Harriet Tubman in were?

yes it is I'v been to a school name harriet Tubman in IL

How old was Harriet Tubman when she graduated?

harriet Tubman never went to school