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Q: What school did Redfoo and Skyblue go to?
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Are skyblue and redfoo related?

Redfoo is Skyblu's uncle.Skyblu is Redfoo's nephew

What are the names of the guys in the group 'lmfao'?

Redfoo and Skyblue

Skyblue and redfoo's parents?

peggy lipton and quincy jones

What are the guys names in the band LMFAO?

their names are redfoo and skyblue

Who makes up LMFAO?

Redfoo and SkyBlue (real names are Stefan and Skyler Gordy)

How are skyler gordy and stefan gordy related?

well skyler (skyblue) is berry gordys grandson (not stefans son) and stefan (redfoo) is skylers uncle ( not skylers dad) stefan and skyler ( redfoo and skyblue ) are lmfao HOT pop,techno, singing duo

What is redfoo and skyblue real names?

redfoo s real name is stefan kendall gordy and sky blu s real name is skyler huston gordy

What is the nationality of skyblue and redfoo?

African-American. & white..His dad is Motown producer Berry Gordy and his mom is nancy Leiviska

What are lmfao real names?

Stefan Kendal Gordy (Redfoo) and Skyler Husten Gordy (Skyblue)

Are redfoo and skyblue brothers?

Red foo is Sky Blu's Brother they both grew up together and were known as the Sexe Boi's Before LMFAO. Their dad is black and their mom is white.

What is lmfao favorite hobbie?

The group LMFAO( SkyBlue and RedFoo) find there favourite hobbie is Partying. Other hobbies are walking down the street in there Lafreaks, shuffling, listening to smoking music, sleeping-in and just chillin. Hope this could help;)

Who is older redfoo and skyblu?