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Q: What school did Sarah edmonds go to?
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Where did Sarah Emma edmonds go to school?

in arizona

What did Sarah Emma edmonds look like?

go on google

What did Sarah Emma Edmonds accomplishment?

what were some of sarah emma edmonds accomplishments

Can you show me a timeline of Sara Emma Edmonds?

no, go to Google and type in timline OS Sarah Emma edmonds

Where was Sarah Emma edmonds borne?

Sarah Emma Edmonds was born in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Why was Sarah edmonds famous?

Sarah Edmonds disguised herself as a man and fought for the North in the Civil War.

Was Loreta Valazquez more popular then Sarah Emma Edmonds?

Sarah Emma Edmonds was more popular because she did more

What war was Sarah Emma edmonds in?

Sarah Emma Edmonds was alive during the civil war and was fighting for the Union ( the north.)

What High School Did Anna Faris Go To?

Edmonds woodway high school

When was Sarah Emma Edmonds born?


Where did Sarah Emma edmonds live?


When Sarah Emma Edmonds born?

Dec 1841