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Q: What school did Tonissant L'Ouverture go to?
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When was Louverture Cleary School created?

Louverture Cleary School was created in 1987.

Is Toussaint Louverture single?

No, Toussaint Louverture is not single.

What is the full name of Toussaint Louverture?

The full name of Toussaint Louverture is François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture.

What did Toussaint Louverture do that was so important?

Toussaint Louverture was the leader of the slave revolt in Haiti.

Did Toussaint Louverture die?

Yes, Toussaint Louverture died on April 7, 1803

What did toussaint louverture do?

Toussaint Louverture led the Haitian Revolution, which lasted from 1791 to 1804. Louverture was noted for his ability as a military leader, as well as his political acumen.

What high school did Maya angel?

what school did Maya Angelou go to? well she went to two schools up until she was 12, Lafayette in Stamps Arkanas and Toussaint Louverture in St. Louis Actually, Maya went to Mission High School in San Francisco. She graduated at the age of 16,and she gave birth to a son

What is the airport code for Toussaint Louverture International Airport?

The airport code for Toussaint Louverture International Airport is PAP.

Which nation did toussaint L' Ouverture lead to independent?

Toussaint Louverture led Haiti to Independence.

Who was the leader of the revolt in Haiti?

Toussaint Louverture

How were the accomplishments of Jose de san martin and toussiant louverture different?

Jose de san martin and Toussiant Louverture differed in ideas of how to get independence from Spain.

Who is the Haitian leader abolish slavery?

Toussaint louverture