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Amy Bruckner just recently graduated Athens Academy in Athens, Georiga

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Q: What school does Amy Bruckner go to?
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What is Amy Bruckner's birthday?

Amy Bruckner's birth name is Amelia Ellen Bruckner.

What elementary school did Amy Bruckner attend?

Mashburn Elementary School; Cumming, GA.

When was Amy Bruckner born?

Amy Bruckner was born on March 28, 1991.

How old is Amy Bruckner?

Amy Bruckner is 26 years old (birthdate: March 28, 1991).

Did Amy bruckner die?


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Who plays pim in Phil of the future?

Her Name is Amy Bruckner

What happened on 28th march 1991?

Amy Bruckner (Disney actress) was born.

Who is dating Amy bruckner?

She is now Dating Devon Werkheiser.. That's who she is dating..

What superstar has a birthday of march 28?

* 1991 - Amy Bruckner, American actress

What is Pam's real name from Phil of the future?

Amelia Ellen "Amy" Bruckner

What nicknames does Nina Bruckner go by?

Nina Bruckner goes by Bambi.