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What school of composers wrote a smooth style of polyphony?

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A: A style of early polyphony.

The definition of polyphony is a style which is formed by simultaneously combining different parts of music. This usually makes one melody with all the parts harmonizing.

His style was Finnish. He and many other Romantic composers wrote nationalistic pieces about their countries.

The style of music that was rebeled against opera was in this website.

A smooth singing style of music

Experimental composers wrote music for traditional instruments but used them in unusual ways.

music that is smooth and even in style

musice that is smooth and even in style

music that is smooth and even in style

Cantibile - in a smooth, lyrical, flowing style

Cantabile - in a smooth, singing style

1890-1918 or 1900's in America, Composers: Debussy (France), Stravinsky (Russia) and Schoenberg (Germany).

it changes the style the music was into something new and more up 2 date

Prokofiev and his Symphony No. 1 in D Major, "Classical," may have been the first piece designated as Neoclassical. Stravinsky did a major study of this, and created numerous pieces in this style, for example, Pulcinella, and A Fairy's Kiss, both taking on styles of former composers.

Originally, CPE Bach, Haydn, and Mozart. But later on he went on to compose in an increasingly individual style.

Because of its style, and the fact that it was composed by Beethoven, who is held in regard as one of the best classical era composers.

You will have to find an instructor that can show it to you. No description will suffice and the kata can vary from style to style and school to school.

Always, you need a hair style that looks best based on the shape of your head and face. A stylist can help you with a style that most flatters your 'looks' and one that you can wear with confidence.

Liszt did not copy anyone. On the contrary, his style served to influence contemporary composers such as Chopin, Berlioz, Bruckner, Mahler, Dvorak and Wagner.

Astor Piazzolla is one of the most famous Tango composers. From the 1950's onwards he greatly transformed the traditional style of Tango music, and he is the main contributor to the style Tango Nuevo.