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What score is your middle score?

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If what you are referring to "is there a particular credit bureau that provides the middle credit score", then that answer would be no. Your middle credit score is just that; the score that is in the middle. It could be reported by Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. There is no one bureau that is a middle score bureau. I hope that helps.

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What score do you have to have to get into noe middle school?

You have tohave an almost high average score to get into noe middle

What is the middle of a dart boards score?

the middle of board is 50

What measure of central tendency is the exact middle score?

The "median" is the exact middle score, or the average of the two middle scores if there are an even number of data points.

How do you make the middle score on keyboard?


What does the median score mean?

The median is the middle score in a list of scores; it is the point at which half the scores.

When was a music graphic score invented?

In the Middle-Ages

What is the median score math?

In a sorted list of number, the median score in math is the number in the middle of the list.

How does a 663 credit score rank?

A 663 credit score ranks in the middle on the spectrum. A 750 or greater score is needed for the best interest rates.

Why do brokers look at the middle score as opposed to the highest one on your credit reports?

I work for a mortgage company and we also use the middle score. Because the three scores can differ so significantly the middle score is a way of averaging out the 3 scores. Also if you're applying for a loan with a co-borrower you should know that we use the lower of the two borrowers middle scores when determining what credit score to give the loan. So if your scores are 680, 700, and 710 we score you a 700. If you're applying with your spouse who's scores are 610, 630 and 640 the spouse's score would be 630 and 630 would be the score assigned to the loan.

Is 628 a good credit score?

It is a middle credit score. Not good, but not bad. Being over 700 is considered good.

Can interquartile range be zero?

It can if the middle 50% all have the same score

What is a great sat score for a middle school student?


Is 1910 a competitive SAT score for a middle school girl and will it rise with time?

Studies have shown that retaking the SATs can increase the score by approx 100. The average SAT score is 1509.

Is 724 a good credit score?

A 724 is considered an excellent score. If you apply for a loan, some companies will pull all three scores and they will go off whatever the middle score is.

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29-33 Middle 50%

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It is a double word score square.

What are the z score boundaries for the middle of 50 percent of the distribution?

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What is the average act score in Harvard University?

The middle 50% range is 31-34

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The boundaries are ± 0.8416

Do colleges look at your middle school grades?

No... colleges only look at your high school grades, sat score, act score, community service, etc...

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what is the minimum credit score for an FHA home mortgage?

If you have some credit then you will typically need a minimum middle credit score of 580 to qualify for a FHA loan.

What is the ACT score requirement to get into Texas Christian University?

middle 50% average = 23-28

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