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blue whales live at the surface of the ocean and are found in all the oceans in the world


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oceans all around the world including gulfs and seas

In all of the oceans and all but the polar seas.

Salt water, they live in the seas and oceans.

Yes, whales do live in the seas and oceans in and around Asia.

Oceans and seas are blue because the water in them reflects the other colors and absorbs the color blue at the you descend,however,the color of the water changes.

whales in a general sense can be found in every ocean in the world, but maybe not all seas

If we didnt have oceans or seas, there would be no such thing as whales, sharks or other marine animals. But in other cases, oceans aren't that important for other uses in human life.

they migrate in the south seas

Blue Whales inhabit all but polar seas (They live pretty much everywhere).

you are most likely to find whales breeding in southern seas

There are no seas or oceans 'in' Australia.

Oceans and seas are not perfectly homogeneous.

Whales only live in large bodies of saltwater that aren't landlocked, these being oceans, seas, bays, etc.

Yes, cigarettes and cigarette butts are one type of litter you'd find in oceans and seas. But the oceans and seas have tons of all types of litter. One of the biggest groups is plastics.

We can find large masses on oceans and seas.

Well, like most whales and dolphins, in the ocean and seas. But also like most whales and dolphins they migrate, so it depends on the time of year. But what oceans do they live in ?

No seas or oceans surround Slovakia.

Switzerland is landlocked, so it has no oceans or seas.

The blue on maps represents lakes,oceans, seas,aka water

Waves, oceans, briny deep, drink, blue, expanse...

Whales mostly live in warm seas like the Pacific Ocean. Whales are mostly can be found in India and Atlantic Ocean. Orca, Whale Sharks, and Blue Sharks mostly live in cold seas of Arctic.

The Oceans Humpback Whales have been seen in are: The Antarctic, The Pacific, The Atlantic, & The Indian. The Seas: Mediterranean Sea, The Black sea, The Arctic Sea.

Ancient whales are thought to have come fro other large marine mamals that inhabited ancient oceans and seas.

Whales live in the oceans, especially the polar seas where there is a lot of food, such as fish and plankton.

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