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The season finale of season 2 of One tree hill. At the very end, she comes back.

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Q: What season does Haley come back in One Tree Hill?
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What episode does Haley come back to Nathan in One Tree Hill?

Season 3 episode 1 if you are talking about when she comes back from the tour.

Will lucas come back to One Tree Hill?

Yes after his last episode in season 6 episode 24, he returns for one more episode in season 9 when haley needs his support

Is chad Michael Murray returning to One Tree Hill?

Yes Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) returns to One Tree Hill after his departure in Season 6, he arrives back in Season 9 where he has come back to visit haley and his past one tree hill friends and family. Since it is One Tree Hills finale season he decided to return since he was the main character of this tv hit and was determined to bring the fans back to the beginning again where it all started.

When will One Tree Hill season 6 be back on e4?

Its Back on the 6th Of July

Is One Tree Hill coming back on?

Season 9 is the last season ever, so no it will not be coming back on after that

Is hilarie Burton and chad Michael Murray come back at all in season 9 of One Tree Hill?

only luke but only for one episode cuz haley needs him ;)

In One Tree Hill when does lucas and brooke get back together after season 1?

season 3

On One Tree Hill who is leaving the show?

Peyton and Lucas leave the show after season 6 however it is planned for them to come back for the last season of One Tree Hill in season 9

Is One Tree Hill coming back next season?

No, the 9'th season was the last season of OTH

Is Hilarie Burton coming back to One Tree Hill next season?


What happend to lucas n payton in One Tree Hill?

Their last season is season 6 after they have their baby Sawyer. Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) didnt want to continue making one tree hill so they ended Season 6 with the characters living happily ever after moving on with their lives away from one tree hill with their daughter. However in Season 9 lucas comes back for one episode when Haley needs his support

Will Nathan and Haley get a divorce One Tree Hill?

Yes, but they get back together and have a wedding in front of all of thier friends

Will there b e a season 9 of One Tree Hill?

yes,and Lucas is coming back and this will be the final season

Is Chad Michael Murray coming back to One Tree Hill season 8?

nope. But he did come back for an episode in season 9

What date will One Tree Hill season 6 start in Ireland?

one tree hill is supposed 2 back in Ireland on the 12th of February 2009!

When is One Tree Hill season 6 starting back in Ireland?

i belive it be startin up back in June

Are Lucas and Peyton coming back to One Tree Hill?

lucas and Peyton might be coming back for the 8th season of one tree hill. But they are not totally sure yet i hope they come back i love them ! :)

Who will be back for One Tree Hill season 6?

pretty much all the people that were already on

Is One Tree Hill coming back?

yes it is new season starts September in the usa

When is One Tree Hill season 6 starting on e4?

July 6th 2009 is when one tree hill season 6 came back in the UK on e4. The new season was expected to be coming out during the summer and was anticipated by many fans.

Does nanny Carey get fired in One Tree Hill?

Yes, after Haley finds her in the shower with Nathan, she drags her out by her hair and tells her to get out. Later she comes back and Haley tells her to "Stay the hell away from my family."

Is One Tree Hill Still On TV in 2009?

It is currently on summer hiatus, and will be back for season seven in the fall.

Does the stalker of Peyton come back on One Tree Hill?

No, because Peyton en Lucas are not in season 7

Will payton come back to One Tree Hill?

Nope her last episode is in Season 9 episode 24

Will Lucas and Peyton come back to One Tree Hill with their baby?

No the last episode is 24 in season 6 however lucas comes back in season 9 for one epsiode