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Q: What selection the weight of human infant at birth is under the influence?
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Is the weight of human infants at birth under the influence of disruptive selection?


Is the following true or false the weight of human infants at birth is under the influence of disruptive selection?


What has the author Victoria Mary Crosse written?

Victoria Mary Crosse has written: 'The premature baby, and other babies with low birth weight' -- subject(s): Birth weight, Infant, Premature, Infants (Premature), Premature Infant

What is weight for age percentile at birth if infant weighs 3000 grams?

600,000,980,546,259,578,678,557,874,596.8764423445 true statement

What are some of the causes of infant mortality?

Birth defects are the leading causes of infant mortality. Other leading causes include premature birth, low birth weight, SIDS, accidental injury, circulatory diseases, and complications during pregnancy.

What does the medical abbreviation VLBW mean?

It stands for Very Low Birth Weight. It's an acronym used to describe an infant weighing less than 1500 g at birth.Very Low Birth WeightVery Low Birth Weight

How much weight should an infant gain in a month?

An infant should gain atleast about maybe 500 grams a month because being to fat means the baby has alot of cholestrol and under weight means you dont have enough nutrients.

When does it begin for an infant?


What is an infant's main learning tool in the first months after birth?

An infant's main learning tool in the first months after birth is the infant's parent/guardian/caregiver.

How old is an infant?

Infant is a baby. ie from birth to first birthday.

How do infant mortality rates relate to prenatal care?

Women who receive inadequate prenatal care also have increased chances of delivering a very low birth weight (VLBW) infant, which is linked to risk of early death.

How big will an infant be at 30 weeks?

At 5 months old, your babys weight should idealy be double from original birth weight. So between 14-22 pounds at 7 months.