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Ears and nose

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Q: What senses did Tito rely on Dog of Pompeii?
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What is the exposition of the dog of pompeii?

Tito is a blind orphan who lives with his dog.

Book on The Dog of pompeii read it?

What rumor and warning does tito hear as he roams about pompeii

What do the residents of pompeii know about tito and what don't they know?

people of the resident know that tito lived everywhere but didnt know he had a dog that brings him scraps of food left over

Who is tito from dog of Pompeii like?

Tito is a blind and not the merriest boy in pompeii! He acts like a dog in some cases because he curls near the inner gate and sleeps! Tito, is also very poor and his only true friend is BIMBO, the dog.

Who is the protagonist in the dog of Pompeii?

Tito is the Protagonist in the short story "Dog of Pompei" because he is the main character.

What is the source of the fumes and ashes that hurt Tito on the dog of Pompeii?


Tell you the whole story of the dog of Pompeii?

its about a blind boy Tito and his comforting dog bimbo who suffer in earthquakes and explosions in Pompeii a city in Rome. Pompeii is now southern Italy.

The dog of Pompeii why does bimbo go back to the city at the end of the story?

To get breakfast for Tito

In The Dog of Pompeii what does tito feel hear and smell before and after the volcano eruption?

He smelled smoke

Why did the dog Tito in the story Pompeii go out to get food when an earthquake was happening?


How doesbombo take care of tito in dog of Pompeii?

bimbo takes care of tito by bringing him food 3 times a day and leads him to places

In The Dog of Pompeii what did tito hear smell and feel during the eruption?

he smells food n and the gutter