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Q: What senses do you use to make observations?
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What sense organ do you use in making observation?

We use all 5 senses to make observations. The organs we use to make observations are the tongue and throat (around the mouth), nose, ears, eyes, and skin. Without these senses we would not be able to function.

What Hearing sight sound and smell are examples of blank that you can use to make observations?


Hearing sight sound and smell are examples of that you can use to make observations?


How do scientist's make observations?

First they make a hypothisis then they use there 5 senses: 1.hearing 2.smell 3.sight 4.taste 5.touch to make observations.

Which senses might you use to make observations?

Smelling, Seeing, Touching 2nd Answer: . . . also tasting and hearing.

What do you use to make observations?

You use weights and measures. You listen with your ears and look with your eyes. You may also use cameras, microscopes, and other machines to make detailed observations.

During an inquiry activity You can use one or more of your five senses during an inquiry activity to make?


How important are your senses in making observations?

Without your senses you wouldn't be able know that something outside yourself was happening, so there wouldn't be many observations to make.

What did Aristotle do to your world?

Aristotle shaped our world today by helping others he used advanced science he urged people to use their senses to make observations, just as scientist today make to group observations .

How do scientists use observation to make predictions?

Scientists use their senses to see, smell, hear, taste and feel the world around them. They then make guesses about what might happen or about the way things work by using their brains to ask questions like "What is going to happen next?" or "Why is this happening?" or "What is this composed of?"

In order to make observation in observer must always use?

In order to make observations, an observer must always use. 1) experiments. 2) the senses. 3) proportions. 4) mathematical.

What is obseving?

Observation: The act or instance of noticing and perceiving.Observation- capturing what is there and using as many of the 5 senses that you can safely use. multiple senses are necessary for accurate observations.