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our Basketball team outplayed our rivals at last night's game

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I can usually eat anything but there are a few occasions when I have been unable to stomach what was set before me

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I don't like detective novels, but there are some exceptions.

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as last night events proved determination always pays off

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D. Mother is always kind to our pets. -Apexx

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Q: What sentences could work as a topic sentence of an illustration paragraph?
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What is a Broad Statement in an essay?

It could be an opening sentence or paragraph that you narrow down with specific evidence in other paragraphs or sentences.

What is a introductory sentence in a paragraph about homeless?

this sentences is about the homeless and how they need help the paragraph is how do we can help them and we have to give some reasons

How would you write a topic sentence about yourself?

Well this can be difficult not knowing what your paragraph/paper is supposed to be about. The topic sentence is the first sentence in your paragraph that will set the tone for all the other sentences. For example you could say, " My name is John Smith and I am a very athletic person." Then you can go on to describe all the athletics you participate in based off of your first topic sentence.

Is this a run on sentence The raccoon in the garage was vicious you could see it in his eyes?

Answer:I would say it is a run on sentence. You could parse the words as follow into independent sentence:The raccoon in the garage was vicious. You could see it in his eyes.To avoid creating run on sentences, try writing sentences with seven or so words.Answer:The only reason is sounds like a run on sentence is its lack of punctuation:The raccoon in the garage was vicious; I could see it in his eyes.When writing a paragraph, varying the length of the sentences helps the text flow more naturally. Sentences of all the same length make it seem choppy or run on.

Can you give me a sentence with could?

I could give you a sentence easily. You could also write your own sentences if you tried.

What sentence is general enough that it could be a topic sentence in a paragraph about hybrid cars?


Could you start a paragraph with for example?

Starting a paragraph with the term for example is not recommended. Try writing a sentence with for example later in the paragraph.

Can you use an object pronoun in the first sentence of a paragraph?

Yes, if you were talking about it then you could use it at the start of a paragraph

What is a good closing sentence for a paragraph about alcoholics?

Your closing sentence must reflect what you wrote in your paragraph. WikiAnswers is not going to write your paragraph for you - that's cheating and it's wrong. Plus, you could be expelled for cheating. You need to summarize what you said in the rest of the paragraph for a closing sentence.

How could you use the word illustration in a sentence?

i cant uderstand the theacher's illustration

What is a topic sentence for drugs?

A topic sentence must be related to the rest of the paragraph. So it is no good having a topic sentence unless you have some ideas about the rest of the paragraph. These could be topic sentences: The drugs that cause the most harm are alcohol and tobacco. The costs of drug use to society are significant Drug-related problems can have a significant impact on individuals, families, communities and society as a whole.

What could be a sentence with the word mestizos?

sentences with the word mestixo