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ING Direct is an international bank that offers financial services. It provides insurance, retail banking, personal banking, investmant banking and direct banking.

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Q: What services does ING Direct offer?
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Related questions

What services does ING Direct offer to consumers?

ING Direct, with its eye catching orange symbol, offers many services to consumers.ING offers direct banking, retail banking and consumer banking, as well as online services to its customers.

What kinds of services does ING offer?

ING Direct offers different types of services for its customers. You can view openings and can find interview questions at the official website of ING .

What financial services are offered by ING Direct?

The financial services that ING Direct offers to investors or potential investors are many. ING Direct offers life insurance policies, retirement accounts, annuities, and investment programs, to name a few.

Does ing have an insurance on their product line?

Yes, ING Direct online banking is an FDIC insured bank. So, your money is as safely deposited in ING Direct as in any other bank that has FDIC insurance. They offer all the same basic services and protections of most banks.

Does ING Direct offer free checking services?

ING Direct provides free online checking account services. They do not charge fees unless you make an overdraft, in which you may opt for an overdraft line of credit for no cost. If you borrow funds to cover overdrafts you will have to pay interest on those funds.

What is ing direct and why do we use it?

ING Direct is a financial services company, offering savings and investment accounts to their customers. They are primarily an online banking entity.

What services are offered by Orange Direct?

Orange Direct is internet banking service offered by ING Direct. Orange Direct offers bank accounts with no monthly fees. One can look up details at the website of ING Direct.

What account services does ING offer?

ING direct offers the same checking options as many other banks. You are able to transfer money from one account to another with no additional fees, it's FDIC insured and a quick application process.

What is the definition of ing direct canada?

ING Direct Canada is a Canadian bank owned by ING group, a European banking group. It was founded in Canada in 1997 as an alternative, no-fee, high interest banking services provider.

What kind of services does a direct mail fulfillment company offer?

There are many services that a direct mail fulfillment company offer. These include providing mailing services for companies interested in direct mail, and other marketing strategies based on direct mail.

Where can one get financing on a mobile home?

Financing on mobile homes can be difficult to find at times but some local banks may offer financing on them. Some venues that offer financing are ING Direct, 21st Mortgage, and Financial Services Unlimited.

What are some advantages to ING Direct savings accounts?

ING Direct offers saving accounts with no fees attached and no restrictions on deposit amounts. Additionally, the company offer around the clock customer service.

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