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They were monotheistic (or at least monolatrous, which was a forerunner of monotheism).

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Q: What set the Hebrews a part from all the early civilizations?
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Is it true that all early civilizations in Africa developed written language?


Which was the result of the physical geography of ancient china?

they were separate from all other cultures and developed a equine one themselves

What geographic factor did all early civilizatons have in common?

Fresh water - river or lake.

What Oracle bones Daoism and the Mandate of Heaven are all associated with early civilizations in what?


What is one similarity between axum kush and nubia?

They were all early African civilizations!

Which early civilizations had drawings of stick figures?

Many early civilizations had drawings of stick figures. Some of which include: the Mayans, the Greeks and the Egypt ions. The most famous of which are the Egyptians with their hieroglyphs on the inside of pyramids. All of the drawings in every culture were stories and descriptions of the lives of the civilizations themselves.

How did geography isolate civilizations?

Many landforms, such as mountains or rivers were uncrossable to early civilizations, so they stayed where they were, away from other groups

What were the early civilizations and where were they located?

In mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Greece, Egypt and the Indian subcontinent.

Were the Hebrews in the New Testament?

Here is a simple way to remember: All Jews are Hebrews but not all Hebrews are Jews. Hebrews consisted of 12 'tribes' of which Judah was the 4th.

What was early civilizations?

Most of them. The first monotheistic civilization (as far as we know) was the Israelites. Followed by Catholic Rome (and Byzantium)* and Islam. All other civilizations worshiped various gods and/or demigods.*see discussion.

What are three ways the early river valley civilizations were alike?

Three ways the early river valley civilizations were alike are: they all developed near rivers, such as the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates, and Indus; they all relied on agriculture as the foundation of their economies; and they all developed complex social structures with rulers and priests holding significant power.

Why did early civilizations develop?

it developed because if it had not we would not have money Civilization developed because of the debate on anthropological circles.This is what started it all.