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Q: What set up a system of settling the northwest territory?
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How were states to be admitted according to the Northwest Ordinance?

flockaThey used a system called Land Ordinance of 1785which set up a system fot the settling of the Northwest Territory

The settling of this territory set the standard for population requirements for statehood?

The Northwest Ordinances attained a maximum population of five states to be admitted to statehood.

How were new states to be admitted according to the Northwest Ordinance?

the settlers had to create and draft their own constitution and petition congress to be addmitted as a state. Hope this helps i just got it out off my social studies book! hee hee! LOL Love, Ashley

How did the US set up the northwest territory?

Ceded territories

Who did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 favor?

The Northwest Ordinance opened up the Northwest Territory It set statehood requirements for territories.

What is the importance of the northwest ordinance?

It set up a government for the NW territory.

What created a process for territories to become states?

A nationalbank provided a system for a territory to be a state because debt helped them get out of debt in order to buy new land.

How do you put up the extreme northwest territory vacation cottage 3 tent?

Im trying to set up my extreme northwest territory tent and all the color coded stickers with the leter on them well the letters are gone

What laws set up a plan for governing and forming new states in the northwestern territory?

the northwest ordinance of 1787

How did the northwest ordinance relate to the northwest territory?

The northwest ordinance included a bill of rights for the settlers, guaranteeing freedom of religion and trial by jury. It had an enormous effect on American expansion and the development and it opend the way for settlement of the northwest territory in a stable and orderly manner.

Northwest ordinance of 1787 addressed issues related to?

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 addressed issues related to western expansion as well as slavery. It created the Northwest Territory and established borders with British Canada. It set the precedent for western expansion, and set boundaries for free and slave states by using the Ohio River as the dividing point.

What set up a system for surveying and organizing the land north of the Ohio River?

Northwest ordinance of 1787