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What settlement did Lewis and Clark expedition open up?


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The Lewis and Clark expedition opened up the West for settlement. :]


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Thomas Jefferson wanted to open trade through out the west

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Two open the American west, to explore the Louisiana (Purchase), and to find a water route to the pacific ocean.

Before Lewis and Clarks expedition, most of what was known about land west of the Mississippi was all myth. The expedition helped locate and lay out a "survivable" route to the west, and helped identify what Native American tribes could be counted on to be friendly, and the ones who were not so friendly.

They left from St. Louis, but beyond that there was no modern towns. It was wide open land. Even today they might recognize some of the landscape because it hasn't changed that much.

Considering the Lewis and Clark expedition, the fact that they were part of a scientific expedition was extremely important, especially during the Age of Enlightenment. The new knowledge they obtained about the Northwest's geography, natural resources, and native inhabitants sparked American interest in the west, and strengthened the nation's claim to the area. It also gave Americans a sense of pride at a time when they badly needed symbols of national triumph. Americans at this time realized that their new nation was still very much divided and relatively weak and Lewis and Clark's adventure offered Americans proof that the men of their nation could accomplish great deeds amidst enormous hardships. Also spread was the idea of 'Manifest Destiny' as Americans increasingly assumed a continental destiny. This opened many door for poor families to go out and prosper throughout the late nineteenth century. However this also led to many Native Americans and earlier Hispanic settlers to be dispossessed, along with the great number of buffalo that Lewis and Clark themselves saw and were amazed by.

Lewis and Clark used one keeled boat light strong at least 60 feet in length her burthen equal to 8 tons. They also used one large wooden canoe. Finally, they had 52 pirogues or "open boats."

No, they had four goals. They wanted to, Map rivers, make friends with Native Americans, open up west to trade and look for northwest passage.

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Captain Lewis was the leader of the famous Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery. This group of 31 men set out in 1803 and made their way across the North American continent to the Pacific Ocean and returned safely with 30 of their 31 men. They showed that the continent could be crossed and first created the notion that the United States might one day extend to the Pacific Ocean. They surveyed a huge area and were the first to document many species of plants and animals. They did meticulous measurements. The members of the group went on to do great things -- documenting Yellowstone, making treaties with native tribes, and helping open the west. Lieutenant Clark was later Brigadier General Clark of the Missouri National Guard and was an important figure for many years. Captain Lewis had a type of bipolar disorder and took his own life a few years after the completion of the expedition.

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