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A triangular prism has two triangular faces, a rectangular prism does not have any.


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a triangular prism is different from a rectangular prism because: their names are different a triangular prism has a triangle for its' base a rectangular prism has a rectangle base a triangular prism has less sides than a rectangular prism a rectangular prism has more sides than a triangular prism

A triangular pyramid, square pyramid, triangular prism,rectangular prism,septagonal prism. Anything that has more than corner.

Triangular prism: 6 Rectangular pyramid: 5 So the answer is 1.

A rectangular prism will have 8 vertices. A triangular pyramid will have 4 vertices. 8 - 4 = 4

One is a triangle base...and the other a rectangle..

You can call it a "triangular prism" rather than "triangular based prism" ... saying a prism is "triangular" imply that the base is a triangle. There's no other name that I know of. A prism is just a 3d shape, so all you have to say is <type of shape> + prism to get the point across.

Presumably a rectangular prism is the same as a rectangle prism with maybe different dimensions

A triangular prism has 5 faces. Pentagonal prisms and hexagonal pyramids have 7.

a cuboid is a slightly different shape than a rectangular pirson! a rectangular prism has a triangle at to ends unlike the cuboid! A rectangular prism does not have TWO ends that are triangles! Still working on this.....

If they have the same height, then the rectangular prism will require more paint. (Having the same height the prism will have more surface area than the pyramid).

No, a cube is a cube and a rectangular prism is a rectangular prism. They are two different shapes.

Rectangular prism has 3 more vertices than rectangular pyramid. Rectangular prism has 8 vertices. Rectangular pyramid has 5 vertices.

A triangular pyramid has 4 vertices, while a triangular prism has 6. Therefore, a triangular prism has 2 more vertices than a triangular pyramid.

A pentagonal prism has 10 vertices. A rectangular prism has 8 vertices. Therefore, a pentagonal prism has 2 more vertices than a rectangular prism.

Triangular prism has 6 vertices.Triangular pyramid has 4 vertices.

Cube: 12Triangular prism: 9Difference: 3A cube has 12 edges.A triangular prism has 9 edges.The cube has 3 more edges than the triangular prism.

2 - a Triangular Prism has 6, a Triangular Pyramid (Tetrahedron) has 4.

Rectangular prism has 8 vertices. Rectangular pyramid has 5 vertices.

I hope this answer is helpful because i am only 11, but this is useful.A rectangular prism is different in many ways:A cube has all of its sides the same size and shape. However, a rectangular prism has two sides different than the others.A cube is a square, on the contrary a rectangular prism is more as a rectangular figure.Different sizes and angle measurements.

A rectangular prism has 6 faces. A pentagon prism has 7 faces. Therefore a rectangular prism has one less face than a pentagonal prism.

triangular prism has 6 vertices. A triangular pyramid has 4. * * * * * And the word is prism not prisim!

There are normally three rectangular faces and so their angles are all right angles. But there are no restrictions on the angles of the triangular faces other than that they sum to 180 degrees.

It is no different than on any other 3D figures. A face is a surface forming part of the outside of an object, such as "he examined all faces of the crystal." On a triangular prism, there are 5 faces. Two triangular faces on opposite ends, and thin 3 rectangular faces to connect them. To see what a triangular prism looks like, just google it on googleimages. ! :) :) :)

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