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A rhombus satisfies this. Also a rectangle. And a square (which is both a rhombus and a rectangle). There may be others.

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Do the diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other at a right angle?

Only for a square or rhombus (diamond shape). The diagonals of a rectangle bisect each other, but are not perpendicular and do not bisect the opposite angles they join.

Will a rectangular will the diagonals not always bisect opposite angles?

The diagonals of a rectangular shape will only bisect opposite angles if, in fact, the shape is a square. Otherwise they will not bisect them.

Do diagonals perpendicularly bisect each other in a parallelogram?

No, they would make an X shape instead of + shape

What shape has 2 congruent diagonals that do not bisect?

A trapezoid Trapezoid - 2 congruent diagonals that do not bisect each other. No right angles and has 1 pair of opposite parallel sides.

Do kite diagonals bisect the angles?

No - only one of the diagonals bisects the angles of the shape.

Why do rhombus diagonals bisect each other?

Because a rhombus is a regular four-sided shape.

What shape have diagonals that bisect each other at right angles?

Square, rhombus, regular octagon, other regular polygons with 4n sides (where n is an integer).

What shape has diagonals bisect each other but are different lengths the diagonals do not meet at right angles and the angles are not right angles?

Kite* * * * *No. On two counts:Only one of the diagonals is bisected.They meet at right angles.The correct answer is a parallelogram.

What is the definition of the shape kite?

A kite has two pairs of adjacent sides congruent. The diagonals intersect at right angles and bisect one set of angles.

What statement is true about a rhombus?

A rhombus is a 4 sided shape, all sides of equal length, opposite sides parallel and opposite angles are equal, also the diagonals bisect each other at right angles.

Do the diagonals of a rhombus bisect the vertexes?

Vertex is the point where two rays of an angle or two edges of a geometric shape meet.Definition of a point: A point has no width, length and thickness. It is used to specify a specific location.A point can't be bisected because its length is zero.So, the statement : "diagonals of a rhombus bisect the vertices" is false.

How many diagonals does a nanogon have?

A nanogon has no diagonals because there is no such shape. A nonagon, on the other hand, has 9*(9-3)/2 = 27 diagonals.

What diagonal shapes bisect each other?

Diagonal shapes do not normally bisect one another. Actually, I am not even sure what a diagonal shape is!

How many diagonals does shapes have?

It depends on the shape. A square has no diagonals.Improved Answer:-A square has 2 diagonals in common with all other quadrilateralsThe formila is: 0.5*(n2-3n) = diagonals whereas n in the formula represents the number of sides the polygon or shape has

What shape has 2 diagonals?

Any quadrilateral (4-sided shape) has 2 diagonals.

Which other shape besides square and rhombus have diagonals that intersect at 90 degrees angles?

It is a kite that has diagonals that intersect each other at 90 degrees.

What shape has diagonals that are perpendicular?

The diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular. A rhombus is a special kind of parallelogram. It has the characteristics of a parallelogram (both pairs of opposite sides parallel, opposite sides are congruent, opposite angles are congruent, diagonals bisect each other.) It also has special characteristics. It has four congruent sides. So it looks like a lopsided or squished square. Its diagonals are perpendicular. Another property: each diagonal bisects two angles of the rhombus.

What are all of the attributes of a square?

There are very many attributes. Some of these are:It is a two-dimensional shape. It has four sides. The sides are of equal length. It has two pairs of parallel sides. It has four vertices. Each vertex is a right angle. It has two diagonals. The diagonals bisect each other. The diagonals meet at right angles. It has rotational symmetry of order four. It has four axes of reflective symmetry. If the sides are of rational length then the diagonals are of irrational length (and conversely).

How many diagonals in a dodecagon have?

There are 54 diagonals in a 12 sided shape

What is always true about a parallelogram?

It is always true that a parallelogram:is a four-sided shape (a quadrilateral)has opposite sides that are parallel to each other and of the same lengthhas opposite internal angles that equal one anotherhas diagonals that bisect one anotherhas a rotational symmetry of 2.

What shape has 5 sides and 2 diagonals?

There is none. A 5 sided shape is a pentagon but that has 10 diagonals, not 2.

What is it called when one shape is split into two even ones?

bisect is to split a figure into two congruent parts.

Which quadrilaterals have diagonals that intersect at right angles outside the shape?

Only a chevron has diagonals intersecting outside the shape. The diagonals of a symmetric chevron will intersect at right angles.

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