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Mount Etna is a Composite Volcano.

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mount etna is a strato volcano

Mount Etna is situated in Sicily.

Mount Etna was named after aetna

Mount Etna is not a island. It is a volcano.

Mount Etna is a volcano.

Mount Etna is a volcano in Italy, Sicily

Munt Etna facts are commonly know as facts ob Mount Etna, for example. What is moumt Etna. The fact would be, Mount Etna is a Volcano in Italy. FACT.

The volcano Mount Etna is in Sicily / Italy

Mount Etna is a Composite Volcano

Mount Etna is 15.534279805925 miles long

Mount Etna erupts continuously.

No. Mount Etna is in Europe.

is mount etna a boy or a girl

No. Mount Etna is associated with a subduction zone.

Mount Etna has Basaltic Lava

what did the people do to stop mount etna erupts

mount etna did not erupt in 1669.

i like mount etna because it is structured and is explosive

Mount Etna had a bigger eruption than Vesuvius because Etna is a larger volcano

Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe. Most eruptions of Etna occur at the summit.

mount Vesuvius is close to mount Etna but the Stromboli volcano is closerNo Mount Vesuvius is in Italy, southern but in the northern part of southern Italy, and Mount Etna is in southeastern Sicily.

Mountain Etna is an active composite volcano located near the city Sicily, Italy. Mount Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe and it has 3,329m height.

mount etna is the most active volcano in europe

Mount Etna was formed by alternating rock layers

The Lava that erupts from Mount etna is called Balsaltic.

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