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Q: What shoe brand is better Nike or Under Armour?
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What is a brand name for sports clothing?

Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, Starter

What sells more between Nike and under armour?

Under armour.

What is better Nike dry fit or Under Armour cold fit?

I prefer Drifit better since its more comfortable! DOnt get me wrong under armour is great I prefer Dri Fit!

What brand shooting sleeve do NBA players wear?

It depends on the player and their sponsors, the most common are Nike and Under Armour

What nike size is a under armour 9?

In the US shoe sizing chart, a Nike size 9 is the same as the Under Armour size 9.

Nike clothes what do they look like?

under armour

How is Nike socially responsible?

Nike donates money to Under armour. This is how they are sociably responsible.

Who makes insoles for under armour football shoes?


Which shoe brand is more suitable for basketball?

i am a basketball player and use nike brand shoes for several years . that amazing and many nba players use that. i post that brand like if you love you can use it .3% off.

What brand of socks do the mens college basketball wear?

It depends on who the school's athletic teams get their gear from. It could be nike, adidas, under armour...just depends on the school.

Does Nike or under armour water absorbent shirt hold more water?

*no answer*

Where can I buy sporting gear for running online?

I love to buy shoes on They often have sales to save money. But you can also buy from under armour, nike, or whatever your favorite brand is.