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Jordans by far...they look a lot better as sneakers and as dressy shoes as well

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I like Adidas because they are cheaper, and have way better quality

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Q: What shoes are better Adidas or Jordans?
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What kinds of shoes are there in nba 2k11?

Jordans, Nikes, Adidas and Reeboks

What shoes are better Jordans or shaqs?

jordans are better

Which is a better make lacoste or Nike?

Adidas arent better than Converse Adidas arent better than Converse

Which shoes are better supra or Jordans?

supras jordans

Why are jordans better than Adidas?

Because Nike makes them

What shoes are better Jordan or Addias?

Jordans in my opinion.

Does anyone wear adidas pants with jordans?

Most people that wear Jordans would not wear Adidas pants.

Is Nike better than Jordans and Adidas?

It depends on the person you ask, If you ask me I'd say yes

Can I turn your jordans into bowling shoes?

They'd have to be resoled. You'd be better off buying a pair of bowling shoes.

What shoes did Michael jorden wear?


Does Walmart in platteville have Adidas shoes?

no. no walmart has Adidas shoes, unless they are fake.

Does Adidas sell their running shoes online?

Yes, ADIDAS sells their running shoes online. You can visit the company's site directly, or various stores such as Journey's and Finishline to look for better deals.