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Adults will say it looks cute but it doesnt look good or cute

-ehw. no that would look so uglyy. bhut if yu wore iht 4 Halloween or sumthing then that would be kinda cute. and plus who wears stripped skirts anyyway. i woulld wear black and whote chucks with a white or black skirt with a nice tank or cammy with that now that's cutte!

when ur little its okay but once ur over the age of 5 it no longer is like "awwww she tried to dress herself" its more like "did she get dressed in the dark?"

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It's hard to go wrong with a black and white skirt. You can pair it with a black or white top, but adding color may also brighten up your look and offer a spin on a classic color combination. Red, black, and white is always a safe, great choice!

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mabey a stipe shirt would go great with it

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ok wat would go wit that is a pair of slack white or black if being perfessional i would say some short foot black heel maybe 2 inches no more no less

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Q: What shoes would be match with black skirt n white top?
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What to wear with a black skirt?

You don't have to go all black you could wear: examples White shirt Black skirt Red shoes Or you could go all black.Black shirt skirt and shoes

What colour of shoes go with a white skirt and a blue blazer?

It is more appropriate wearing black shoes

Does white skirts match black shoes?

yes it does

What can match with the red white and black?

yes it do casue black and white go with anything like if ur shoes got black red white in it and ur shirt have white and gray and black it will match.

What color stocking to wear with white shoes and black skirt and pink shirt?

Black, but not opaque. Definetely NOT brown.

What is the level 3 outfit on Hollywood Style Maker?

black long sleeve black waits skirt black and white shoes

What shoes should you wear with this black and white dress?

Ones that match..

What would match with some black white and purple shoes?

You can never go wrong with black. You can match it with any color.

Can you wear a navy and white striped shirt with a light denim skirt black tights and grey converse shoes?


What color of a shoes that match with orange dress?

no black...this is not halloween. Try a white color.

What color hose should you wear if your sweater is pink your skirt is pink and white and your shoes are black?

Nude color, or none

Does a purple shirt match with black pants and white shoes?

Yes ! It'll look great !