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Q: What should I do when the trigger pull on my airsoft m4 is too long?
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What does single repeater mean for an airsoft gun?

It means that your airsoft gun can only fire one BB every time you pull the trigger (semi-auto). It's on the contrary to burst (fire three BBs in a single trigger pull) or full auto when you can fire a lot of BBs in a single trigger pull.

How do you use airsoft guns?

First you have to find the right sized bb's for it and then load it into the cartridge and then cock it... point... and pull the trigger

What is automatic fire single?

Electric guns are either Fully automatic: shooting bbs constantly as long as the trigger is pulled, or semi: shooting 1 bb per trigger pull. rarely an airsoft gun will have a burst fire, with 3-5 bbs per trigger pull. Spring guns require re-cocking after each shot.

Browning Auto 5 what is the standard set for trigger pull-lbs How is it adjusted?

The trigger pull should only be adjusted by a trained gunsmith. Browning does not publish trigger pull weights.

What is the average preferred trigger pull range for a military AR15?

The military weapon, AR-15, should have a trigger pull of 5.5 to 8.5 pounds and should be free of creep. Creep is the rough movement between the trigger pull and hammer release.

How do you disassemble a Kwc m1911a1 spring airsoft gun?

if you are pointing the gun out ward right side just above the trigger is a button push that and then on the other side there is a lever pull that all the way out and then pull the slide forward.

What do you do with the manure?

You pull down the trigger on the side of the toilet and it should disappear.

Is a spring m16a2 airsoft gun semi-automatic?

if it fires more than one round (or BB ect.) it is not. By definition semi-automatic means it will fire with each pull of the trigger.

Why is my airsoft gun XK918 so hard to reload?

It shouldn't be, but if you take it apart, you can put a lubricant on the trigger or buy a new one that's easier to pull back.

How long did it take to make a sling shot?

as long as it takes to pull the trigger (not long, depending on finger strength)

What should the trigger pull for a 270 caliber Husqvarna be set at?

4 lbs

38 smith weson hammerlesschange the trigger pull has a heavy trigger pull?

It is supposed to.